Benefits of azelaic acid in skincare routine

Azelaic acid is a dicarboxylic acid that is present in a natural way on barley, wheat and other whole grains. Applying an acid on a skin might give you a scary field. But not all the acids will burn your skin cells, some will be responsible for anti-aging your skin cell and some help for cell regeneration. Azelaic acid is one such that which has several benefits on your skin stops the growth of bacteria which causes acne. Gels, creams and foams with azelaic acid for different skin conditions are prescribed by many medical experts.

azelaic acid

Azelaic acid reduces swelling and redness, and will give your skin a more consistent and smoother look. It helps you to kill bacteria that contribute more to acne and skin infections. It helps to decrease your skin’s production of keratin. Azelaic acid has an anti oxidative effect and controls the skin damage and discoloration. Azelaic acid skin care benefits are observed by many as they start using the product in their daily routine.

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The products with this acid treat acne from several angles. It decreases the production of keratin segregation on the skin which is the main ingredient responsible for acne creation and breakouts. This acid targets more of that and works well on the bacteria and that is the second main reason for acne formation on the skin. Usually when the skin is exposed to these bacteria they will travel deep down into the skin through the hair follicle and cause acne on the surface of the skin. Benefits of azelaic acid in skincare routine are enormous and many researches, studies were undertaken for using this acid.

Recently a study was done with foam containing 15% azelaic acid that resulted in noticeable reduction in acne lesions and inflammatory acne over the course of 16 weeks. When the study further goes into the kind of side effects caused using these products it reveals very mild side effects.