Guide to curly hair during summer

Curly hair is really very cute to look at, but having curly hair and maintaining it is really a hectic task for few people. They have to maintain them correctly or else it will lead to a severe hair fall and loss of internal ties. They need to brush their hair whenever they get time. When it is summer it is really hard for them.

Detoxify after Damage

When you are at the beach side in the summer, your hair is definitely going to be dry and there is going to be severe damage. Read some summer hair care tips for naturally curly hair and try to follow them on your hair to maintain it properly. This summer survival guide for wavy hair speaks about having a detoxification when you have damage. Have a good nourishing hair masks, consume lots of water and fruits which helps you on detoxification.

naturally curly hair

Go Mild

Try to be away from shampooing your hair daily, go for a very mild shampoo and conditioner. Don’t vigorously towel, try to dry your hair in a natural way. Make use of old t-shirts to wipe up the excess hair. Don’t try to comb your hair when it is wet. Guide to curly hair during summer will give you expert tips to maintain your hair in this summer season.

Be Cool

Try to simply have a pony or do a tie up of your hair, be away from all the hair spray, colors and complex hair styles. This may even cause your hair severe damage. Also have a cap or coolers if possible whenever you are planning to stay in the sun for a longer time. Try to consume foods which give you more moisture. This is a really good deal for both your healthy skin and hair.

Don’t do Vigorous Brushing:

As said earlier you shouldn’t brush your hair vigorously after your shower. Try to comb your hair initially with your hand and have a different set of combs, one with longer and spacer teeth can work better on the curly hair.

Don’t be hot headed:

Try to have some nourished or have an oil pack on your scalp and hair when it happens to be exposed to the sun. This will help you to avoid further damage to your root tips and helps to prevent your hair follicles from further damage. They will even give you a cool feeling, when it happens to be outside for a longer time.