Tips on how to wear dark lipstick

Dark colored lipsticks are really not an option for many women, as they really have a feel that might look odd on them. It is not the correct notation to see it, there are few ideas how you can use these dark shades especially black color without having some ghost look. Here we will give you few tips on how to wear dark lipstick

Exfoliate your lips- Lips are very gentle, use some lip scrub or a toothbrush to remove all the flakes or dead skin. Wear black lipstick without looking Goth using some design elements over your exfoliated lips. It is advisable to wear dark lipstick during the day, because when you have a darker skin tone it is not going to be so attractive during the nights.

Moisturize your lips- Before applying any kind of lipstick it is important to ensure that you may use some lip balm or moisturizer.

Line your lips – have a sharp edge lip liner to have the perfect ending, as the blunt one will not provide you any kind of curvature appropriately. If you need use black eyeliner incase if you don’t have a lip liner. Keep in the min of your original lip shape and have the line accordingly; these liners will give you a perfect pace for lipsticks to fill in.

Apply another layer of liner – Apply applying the lip liner using a brush not to step out of the original line. Keep cotton swabs and correct mistakes. It is better to correct it once you are done with full lipstick make over.

lip linerAdd some glossy finish if you wish – If you really wish to have a matt look then you can skip this step. If you want to have a glossy finish then choose a lip gloss and apply gently over your lipstick.

Matt finishes are loved by many nowadays. You can match up with your dresses in a Halloween party or anywhere you want without a gothic effect. Top brands in the market will provide you with these variations one can buy from. Mostly the black color will suit any colored skin toned person, but it should be worn properly. Since it is dark a small mistake in the curvature too can give you an odd look. Use lip pencils, once you are done with your lipsticks try to touch up your face makeup as you want to have even skin tone once after applying lipstick and correcting its position.