How to apply foundation with a brush

Foundations are the base for every make to start with, everyone will have their own way of applying the foundation. Some will have a lot of time to do the serious morning ritual in front of their makeup vanity with the foundations along with the different kinds of brush they use. Liquid foundations can be even applied through hands or a beauty sponge and you can even use these techniques on the powder foundation too. A kind of commitment is always required when you apply these foundations and not leaving any patches here and there.

You will need to expertise the usage of the brush, you can follow up with many technical experts and you can use a foundation brush like a pro to achieve a flawless-looking, even complexion.

powdered foundation

What is the need of a Brush?

Sponges and fingers can really cause clumsiness and brushes are the best options to buff the product into the skin and leave a seamless finish. Apply foundation with a brush or else you have to clean your hands and fingers then they will be leaving unwanted marks and colors on your fingers. Powder foundation can be better applied by using the brushes. There are many type of foundation brush available in the market. Don’t go for a pro thing initially start up with a light weighted one and then go for an expert brush.

How to Use a Foundation Brush

using the brushesApply either powder or liquid foundation according to your choice. Take up your favorite brand to the back of your hand and dip the foundation brush into your foundation box.

Once you take your foundation on the brush, buff it onto your face in the circular motions. You have to start at the center of your face and then start to move outwards. These steps are common for both the liquid and powdered foundation, as our center part of the face will be so red it is the best point to start off with.

If you have some acne marks in your face try to circulate your brush more over the part, in order to cover the space evenly.

Once you get to your hairline and the jaw line done then you should have very little product left on your brush. It is a better way to blend the product along your jaw line in order to avoid the makeup-mask look. That’s it! You have made use of your foundation like a pro.