Ways to get rid of a unibrow

A unibrow which is often referred to as long eyebrows that connects together. Some people want thin or thick eyebrows, it differs from person to person. There are several ways to remove these eyebrows. Some of the ways may look unsafe and risky too.

Plucking one hair at a time is one of the ways to get rid of a unibrow. You can pluck one hair at a time, this can cause more pain, but it doesn’t have any negative effect as we don’t apply any chemical substances on the skin.

Depilatory cream

They melt your hair away with strong chemicals, it is very simple to use. You should apply on the skin and you have to wait for the time that is mentioned on the direction of use and clear of the cream from your skin. So along with the cream the hair in the particular area is removed. Avoid growing a unibrow tutorial will help you on how to make use of this cream effectively. The results by using this cream will last for more than 2 weeks. When you want to be away from pain then this is one of the best methods to remove the hair between your eyebrows

remove eyebrowsWaxing your unibrow

Another option in which a hot wax is applied over the n and with a soft cloth, the wax is pulled out vigorously, hair present in the particular area is removed along with wax leaving you a soft surface. It is not good on sensitive and soft skin, as it sometimes will leave an itchy feeling.

Shaving your unibrow

Shaving is a preferred at-home hair removal on the legs and other regions. This can be done at ease in the house. When you want to be instantly ready for a party without visiting a parlor then this is a good option to remove the unibrow.