Welcome to my blog! I’m a semi-retired Human Resources Manager and the creator of the Ship Ing blog. I’ve been creating content that covers beauty related topics for 7 years.

The web is overwhelmed with thousands of beauty care blogs. Is there something that makes Ship Ing different from the competition?

1. I don’t publish content often, because it takes a really long time to deeply research the topic before writing the post. I’m passionately dedicated to thoroughly learn everything about the topic I would cover.

2. I don’t encourage my readers to do any questionable treatments that can damage their hair or cause harm to their bodies.

If you’ve already had a chemical treatment, you still have a choice to wash, condition, and style your beauty without the use of chemical-laden beauty products. All suggested aftercare products have been carefully selected to ensure that they’re totally free of harsh chemicals that can affect your hair or skin.

3. I do my best to create posts that are informative and useful to my reads instead of forcing people to buy products.

I write with passion and commitment to create content that is ethical, evidence-based, and can add greater value to the existing content on the Web.

4. To provide my readers with fresh beauty related content, recently I tend to publish more content written by experienced beauty stylists.